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100-800 yard Rifle Range 30 yard Pistol Range * NRA and State Certs.100-800 yard Rifle Range 30 yard Pistol Range * NRA and State Certs.100-800 yard Rifle Range 30 yard Pistol Range * NRA and State Certs.100-800 yard Rifle Range 30 yard Pistol Range * NRA and State Certs.

Whether you are an experienced shooter or just getting into shooting, we are here and happy to help you.  

AFFT Range Intoduction

Come check out our training facility and our ranges.   Diane is a little proud of her Ruger 6.5 Creedmore.


About the range:

We are a pistol and long distance (precision rifle) range.  We currently go out to 800 yards.  We offer State Certified training as well as NRA certified courses.  We also can custom fit a training to your specific needs.  We have muzzle breaks as well as Moderators, Suppressors and Silencers (7", 9.5" and 12") for sale.  Come try them out before you buy.  

Coming events

WARRIOR WEDNESDAY   The first Wednesday of every month, 11am - 2pm.   Bring a service buddy and come on.

For all our warriors out there, (Military, LEOs, Fire fighters, EMTs) hope I have not left any warriors out.

We celebrate the contributions these men and woman have done and are doing, for this great Nation.  

Join us for a time of fun, food, camaraderie and shooting.  We love the stories we are privy to.  And did you see

where I said FOOD?  We keep the grill hot from 11-2 just for you special people, our heroes, our Warriors.  


Membership Fee:

Family Membership - covers all members residing in the same household.       $200

(Discounts for Military/LEO/EMS/Fire fighter)                                                              $175

Individual Membership - covers only you.                                                                    $135

Guest of a Member (3 Times)                                                                                           $10

Day Pass (Guest)                                                                                                                 $20

Payment plans available on memberships.


Monday and Tuesday        Special events, private classes and maintaining the range.

                                               Corporations may book your special event(s) now.

Wednesday - Friday          10:00 am - 7:00 pm (or 30 minutes prior to sunset)

Saturday                               9:00 am  -  2:00 pm


            Contact us at (903) 662-1238 to book your special event.  


You do not have to be a member of our range in order to shoot on our range.  We now open ALL our ranges to guests.  If planning to shoot past 400 yards we do have a qualification you must pass prior to shooting long distance.  

About Us


Dan and Diane Henderson are the owners of American Freedom Firearms Training, LLC, currently operating at AFFT Range and Gun Club, located at 315 Mastercraft Ave,  Marshall, Harrison County, TX.

Dan is a retired Marine MSgt having served this country for 28 years in the Corp with most of those years in a training capacity in Artillery.  Dan served another 10 years in Iraq on a number of protection teams, Quick Response Force/Special Response Team and US Embassy Liaison Unit.

Diane is a former Marshall Police Officer and Harrison County Sheriff's deputy having worked on patrol, in the warrants and criminal investigation divisions.  Diane went on to work for Harrison County Adult Probation and for the State of Texas as a Parole Officer, working up to Unit Supervisor covering 4 counties.  Diane also worked in Iraq on a number of contracts beginning with training up the Iraqi Police in democratic policing, to include firearms training and then as team leader over a 1000 cadet recruit training cycle.  Dan and Diane worked together on a protection team in Baghdad, Iraq protecting Iraqi Judges and their families.

                                            Dan and Diane have been conducting certified firearms training, in the US, since January of 2015.  

We are so happy to have Cindy and Arthur Crouch on our staff to assist with training.  Both are certified instructors in various fields.  Their knowledge of hunting is of great benefit to our Hunter Education Classes as well as general rifle/hunting training.  

We could not be more pleased to have a Danny Butler, a Marshall native and well trained/experienced firearms expert, on weekendstaff to assist any and everyone with whatever shooting related issue/problem you may have.  If you want to learn all there is to know about a pistol and/or rifle, come out on Saturdays and be amazed at all the knowledge this man is welling to share with you.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Danny has been working with and handling firearms for more than 34 years in a professional capacity.  

We Offer ...

A 100 yard range to zero on.  

A long distance range currently set up to 800 yards.  We have 13 bays for rifles and 6 bays for pistol shooters.

We offer a number of NRA certified classes, State licensing classes and specialty classes such as CQB, basic firearms, active shooter course, Beginner to Advanced rifle courses, just to name a few.  We are always adding more things to train as the needs change in society.

"The Well Armed Woman", a National organization of female shooters, meets monthly at our range.  And of course, we offer not only the Texas License to Carry course, but the Texas School Safety Certification as well.  

Come See Us

We offer a friendly environment for members, and guests, to come to shoot.  We have covered pistol bays, some with retrieval systems set up. We have 3 bays in our 100 yard rifle range, 14 bays at our long distance (800 yard) rifle range.  We have the Bullseye Target camera systems for member use on the rifle ranges.  All our bays are covered for your comfort. 

                                                                                                       Come check us out.  You won't be sorry.